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We sell both single origins and blends. The single origins allow you to taste the flavors of that specific country’s beans — which are well worth exploring. In all cases, even these can be roasted to Light, Medium, or Dark; though the darker the roast, the more the origin flavors are eclipsed by roast flavor. We tend to prefer Medium in our roasts. (See this article on Roast Levels.) Espresso is actually a different roast type, not so much a roast level. It has a longer development time in each of the three roast phases, and is roasted to the dark side of Medium. Experiment with various varietals, or roast types. Concerning subscription orders, you’ll note that we’ve included a Membership option. We think this is a far better option, for all the reasons discussed in the Membership module. However, if you truly prefer the convenience of Subscription? We’ve got you covered, right here.  

Sienna Membership

Thanks for considering Membership, here at  Sienna Coffee Roasters.
For those who order regularly, this is an offer we believe is phenomenal. When you sign up for our membership, for a low monthly fee, you receive 25% off of all your purchases (excluding equipment, which is at 10%.) These are amazingly deep discounts on everything you buy. This is a far more agile solution than subscription buying, empowering you to have the very freshest coffee exactly when you need it, and not on a schedule that might be out of sync. We want you to have fresh coffee! Moreover, this provides you with a little more freedom to explore our different roasts: Try the Ethiopian, the Light Roast, the Sampler Pack.
If you do the math, purchasing more than two bags per month, this pays for you. Membership runs month-to-month, and is cancellable at any time.  

Membership Synopsis

  • One very low price of $10.50/month
  • 25% off of ALL product purchases during the membership (excluding equipment sales).
  • 10% off all equipment sales.
  • Order as much as you like, as often as you’d like.
  • Ideal for wholesale purchasers.
  • Cancellable at any time.

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There are a number of ways to brew coffee. We review several of them here. The ultimate cup of coffee is a function of how quickly (or not) the aromatic oils are extracted from the ground coffee. Each of the methods will use a variety of elements to best achieve its design: the coarseness of the grind, the time of brew contact, the temperature of the water, and more. Click below for some tips on how to brew your favorite cup of coffee!
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