Sienna Membership

$10.50 / month

Sienna Membership: For those who order regularly, this is an offer we believe is phenomenal. When you sign up for our membership for a low monthly fee, you receive 25% off of all your purchases (excluding equipment, which is at 10%.) These are amazingly deep discounts on everything you buy.  (Truly prefer the convenience of Subscription? We’ve got you covered.)

Membership runs month-to-month, and is cancellable at any time.

We feel that the offering of Membership is a far more agile alternative than subscription buying (which also remains), empowering you to have the very freshest coffee exactly when you need it, and not a schedule that might get out of sync. Moreover, this may provide you with a little more freedom to explore our different roasts: Try the Ethiopian, try the Sampler Pack, try the Light Roast.

If you do the math, purchasing more than two bags a month, this pays for you.

Prefer the convenience of a regularly scheduled Subscription? We've got you covered.


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