Handground burr coffee grinder

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The burr coffee grinder by Handground is, in our experience, one of the most solidly built, ground-consistent, and inexpensive hand grinders in the business.

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Handground, in our experience, offers one of the most solidly built, ground-consistent, and inexpensive hand grinders in the business. The factory is out of stock, and at this time, we have one left.

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Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 5 in

Black, White, Nickel

1 review for Handground burr coffee grinder

  1. Sienna Coffee Roasters

    OK, this is a little self-serving to put our own review of the product. But we’ve looked for quite some time to find a product of quality that was inexpensive, and were astounded to find one at this level, at this price. As you may know, the consistency of coffee grinds is critical to that great cup of coffee. And the consistency of this grinder rivals those of the more expensive electric burr grinders. This was a real find, and we highly recommend it if you’re not already using a burr grinder. —And we highly recommend it even so, as we take ours when we’re traveling.

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After the best beans, and the perfect roasting, that last element in the perfect cup of coffee is your in-home preparation. We can help.

One the most critical elements of brewing is the consistency of grind size. A uniform size assures that all of the coffee is extracted evenly in the roast; not some overly so, some under so. For those pursuing delicious flavors, this can’t be emphasized enough.

We’ve searched the market to find just such a device that was both superior quality, as well as inexpensive. And have found such a device in the Handground hand coffee grinder.

As you might see from the graphic below, the output grind size in the Handground is far more consistent than the popular Hario hand ginder, and similar to the far more expensive, electric Baratza Encore, which we also carry.
Handground adjusts in fifteen different easy grind settings, from espresso to French Press. If you click on the picture, you can see the consisistency of the grinds, in all of the grind choices.

For a rough frame of reference– Espresso: Settings 11-1.5; AeroPress, 2-3; Pourover, 3.5-4.5 Chemex, 5-5.5; Drip maker, 6-7; and French Press, 7.5-8.

For a rough frame of reference– Espresso: Settings 1-2 (position 1-1.5); AeroPress, 3-5 (2-3); Pourover, 6-8 (3.5-4.5) Chemex, 8-10 (5-5.5); Drip maker, 11-13 (6-7); and French Press, 14-15 (7.5-8).

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