Ok, as if we needed an excuse to love coffee.

This video, by Harvard Professor, Sanjiv Chopra details the benefits of coffee. Apparently, Dr. Chopra through his research, has believed this for years, and this video (found on the site, Diagnostic Detectives [source article gone]) details the various benefits.

I confess that some of this is astounding, but this Head-of-Department Harvard Professor is well credentialed. He states benefits in the following areas. Fascinating video.

  • Lower liver enzymes, ALT and AST
  • Less liver fibrosis.
  • 50% reduction in mortality in liver disease
  • Lower rates of cancer for liver, prostate, colon, skin, endometrial, cancer.
  • Lower risk of Parkinsons / cognitive decline
  • Lower incidence of diabetes plus reduction of existing diabetes.
  • Lower levels of CRP (C-Reactive Protein)
  • Longer telomeres

Now I don’t mean to get into a debate, as I understand some of these are sensitive areas. But as one who was accepted for PhD work at medical school, I’m a research junkie, and I love this data. If I can give my own conclusion, I suspect that coffee is high in antioxidants, and works to lower inflammation, which is a precursor of many of those things. –But hey, this is supposed to be a fun article!

Coffee lovers, take good cheer!

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